First Prize - INR 3000               Second Prize - INR 2000                 Third Prize - INR 1000

Rules to participate in this essay competition

1.You must be in the age group of 16 to 20 years

2.It must be your ideas and opinion

3.Your writing must be supported with facts and data

4.Must submit by 31st May 2020

5.Selection of the winner will be carried out by our experts which will be announced by 31st July 2020

6.You must upload your essay on our website in a pdf format.



Essay Topic: Neighbouring China a boon or a curse

  • You may follow guidelines as written to research and express your opinion in a maximum of 1000 words on this topic.


  • Describe any historical relationship (sighting years and time) between China and India and the outcome of it.
  • Current trades relationship between China and India. How much India depends on China for electronic products, chemicals, medicines, machines, clothing, food and religious support? (You must use factual information based on evidence. You may use data, graphs to pursue your readers).

  • Impacts on India in the absence of these trades.

  • Actions can be taken by individuals in India to become self-reliant.

  • Your conclusion