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by Super User - Saturday, 28 November 2015, 10:47 AM
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E-Safety first

We use worldwide web, social media, online music, online shopping and email widely in our life.It helps us to discover, connect and create new ideas. It has become a vital part of our education which provides us wealth of information to create new knowledge, it connects with people around the globe to shares our ideas and feelings.It promotes social harmony and creates social barriers too. However as our exploration of knowledge increases it brings some risks which is no different to real life. As an intelligent responsible person of the society, we need to educate ourselves to deal with these risks. It affects our life one or other way so we need to be ready to deal with these situations.


Some common risks are:

Virus infection


Phishing (fake emails)

Downloading music or other free software

Sharing your wireless access P2P (file sharing)

It doesn't end here.There are new dimensions of risks which needs to be managed carefully.Someone can pretended to be a 15 years girls and make a lot of female friends around him with a serious criminal intentions. It is impossible to know who you are communicating with online. Anyone can create a false identity. An example is of a Man in the UK who created 8 different fake Facebook profiles to groom "up to 1,000 children”. Children are tricked into revealing themselves in some way, and then the person uses the digital content to blackmail them into other things. You are suggested to choose your online friend carefully because it is easy to fake online persona, predators adapting to social networks by using digital content for blackmail.

There are serious consequences of internet related crimes.

You can be fined if you are caught illegally downloading music.
  • You can often end up downloading viruses and illegal images onto your computer without even realising it.

  • You are more likely to start talking to someone you don't know.People aren't always honest about who they are, their age or what they look like and you can often provide very personal information about yourself without even realising it.How many of you have uploaded pictures of yourselves with groups of friends and/or family without asking their permission?Once it's on the worldwide web, it's there for the whole world to see, potentially forever.

  • Cyber bullying is a form of bullying and can have serious consequences for the individuals involved.For some people, it is far easier to say negative things and not realise how hurtful it can be and how much distress it can cause, if they don't visibly see the consequences.Think about your actions - would you say it or do it if that person was standing in front of you?

Watch the attached video and write your suggestions to keep us safe on the internet.One of the best writing will be hosted on our educational platform with your name and photo.Before we publish it we need your parents and your permission in writing.

                                                           Video - E- safety.avi

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